Emails in sending queue

Emails in sending queue

Occasionally, when you send out a newsletter, some of your subscribers' emails may remain in sending queue for some time.

That's what we're going to explain in this article, so that you know the possible causes of queued emails and when you need to contact our support service.


What does it mean that messages or emails are in sending queue?

When we are sending a message and it remains in the queue, this means that, at that moment, the message can't be sent and must remain in the outbox until the problem is resolved.

It's likely that there are emails in the queue that need to be sent quickly to avoid problems in our schedule, although sometimes this isn't due to any problem related to the email marketing software you are using.

Where can I see my queued messages?

When you send an email, you will be able to see which emails are in sending queue if the number of processed emails exceeds the number of delivered, ignored and bounced emails.

This means that there are some messages waiting for a new delivery attempt at the request of the destination server.

Why some emails get stuck in the sending queue?

Normally, when emails are queued, this occurs for one of the following reasons:

  • Occasional incidents with Mailrelay

Anything from a Wi-Fi outage to a system failure can cause a message to get stuck in the queue when it has already been scheduled. Check your connectivity and the signal on your computer/mobile device.

  • Emails in the Gmail queue: Rejections due to sending volume

This usually happens with large ISPs, such as Gmail,, Yahoo! because the smaller ones usually don't have the technical infrastructure to apply this type of action. These rejections aren't usually final; what happens is that delivery is much slower and they remain as messages in the Gmail queue.

When we send a newsletter, the filters gradually analyze the content of the emails and how subscribers react to it. This slower delivery flow is just for that, to look at the campaign with a magnifying glass.

If they see that the content is being rejected by users because it is unwanted or harmful, it is likely that the messages will be considered spam and the emails that are still in the queue will be blocked.

Normally, the emails will be delivered, unless one of the large ISPs blocks the sending IP, in which case delivery will be interrupted.

This is not common, but it can happen.

How do I fix emails or messages in sending queue?

Well, on the one hand, it's not a common occurrence. On the other hand, we can't avoid it 100%. But some options are as follows:

The first thing is to wait around four hours and, after that, check the status of the campaign:

  • If we notice fewer emails in queue, we should continue to wait, as delivery is in progress.
  • If the number of emails in the queue hasn't decreased, you could contact support.

How can we prevent this from happening with our newsletters?


  1. Keep in mind that Mailrelay's IPs are shared (although you can actually hire dedicated IPs), as they are shared, the emails from your IP "partners" affect your own messages. However, if everyone uses good email marketing practices, everyone will benefit and avoid the problem of queued emails.
  2. Sending newsletters within the limits appropriate to our reputation and avoiding as much as possible being flagged as SPAM will not only help us, but will also help our IP partners.
  3.  Remember that your sending domain may be blocked. We shouldn't use newly registered domains as senders to avoid being blocked.

At the end of the day, it's a question of following normal good practice.

So, with regard to the question about why some emails are added to sending queue, it is mainly due to an excessive volume of newsletters for the reputation of the IP or domain, or it is related to the fact that our messages have been flagged as SPAM several times.

Check the status of the newsletter and, if it hasn't been delivered for some time, you can contact support.


By default, it is not possible to delete the queue and prevent the emails from being delivered later, when the destination server finally accepts the message. But it is true that sometimes this is necessary, for example in the case of a promotion with a temporary expiration date or due to local legal regulations that prohibit emails from being sent after a certain period. If this is your case, please contact us and we can enable a button on your dashboard to manually delete queued emails.


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