Two-factor authentication- 2fa

Two-factor authentication- 2fa

MailRelay can offer you the best login security system: two-factor authentication (2FA). It is basically an additional code, used together with the access password, generated on a personal device.

1.- Logging in after the code has already been activated

Remember that once activated, the system will request a second validation with a code that will be generated on a secondary device. This code will be displayed in the 2FA Authentication application that has been previously installed.

Remember that if there are several people accessing the system, you should create users on the dashboard for each one of them and activate it for all users with their individual device, otherwise they will have to contact the administrator to get the code every time they need to log in.

If you need to access the system urgently but don't have the device with the app, you have received 5 backup access codes that you can use occasionally, for example if you have forgotten your device at home.

These codes were provided to the person who activated the authentication system, as we will see later; Codes must be noted in a safe place.

Codes are canceled after use, so once they have all been used, you will need to reset the 2FA system to get new codes.

If you don't have the access device with the app or the backup codes, please contact us here to see other alternatives.

2.- Login activation with two-factor authentication - 2FA

The process is very easy and is done through an application that supports OTP (exclusive use password). When the system requests its activation, or when the user wishes to activate it in their profile, the process to activate 2FA will begin.

These are the steps you should follow:

2.1.- An app compatible with OTP must have been previously installed on an external device

If you use an Android device, you can use Google Authenticator for Android. If you use an iOS device (Apple), you can install Google Authenticator for iPhone.


Once the OTP compatible application has been installed, we can now move on to activation, this is an example of what you will see in the next steps:

2.2.- Enable it in your user profile

In your profile under Two-Factor Authentication - Enable or after accepting the dashboard's suggestion, you will go to a screen where you must enter the current password on the right. Open the app and scan the QR Code or enter the code manually in the bottom corner in red.

2.3.-Request the codes

The application will generate a 6-digit number that must be added on the right in the code field. Then click the blue "Turn on two-factor authentication" button

Please note that the number expires in approximately 30 seconds. After this period, the application will generate another code of the same duration.

2.4.- Obtaining the code

On the next screen, 5 backup codes will be displayed that must be saved in a safe location. These codes must be used in case of an unforeseen event or emergency.

They will allow you to access the account immediately without having the two-factor authentication device with you if you are in another location or have lost your authorized device.

Remember that every time you use a code, it will no longer be operational. If you use them all, you must reset your 2FA setting to get 5 more.

2.5.- Add an emergency cell phone

On the last screen, you must indicate an emergency recovery number to receive an access code via SMS. Enter and confirm a phone number and password for the current user you are setting up 2FA for.

Very important: This phone number should not be associated with the device where you installed the app as explained on step 2.1, as it will be used precisely so you can recover access in the event of loss or theft of the device where the app was installed.

It is an exceptional emergency measure for cases of force majeure, so it will only be used in extreme cases.

Once this setting is enabled, whenever you access your Mailrelay account you will have to open the app to enter the 6-number code generated by the device and used as an additional authentication step after entering your user and password .

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