Notification emails

Notification emails

Mailrelay accounts offer a series of automatic emails that are sent to subscribers based on the events they trigger, these are notification emails that you can find and customize if you wish. They can be found in Settings>>Notification emails.

The emails are available for the 8 languages in which the platform is localized: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian, Basque, Galician and Catalan.


Types of notification email

The three types of email are: Unsubscribe confirmation, Signup confirmation and forwarded newsletter.

  • Unsubscribe confirmation: this email is sent to the subscriber to confirm that they wish to be removed from the mailing list.
  • Signup confirmation: email sent to the future subscriber to confirm that they wish to be added to the contact list.
  • Forwarded: email sent to the subscriber to read a link

Notification email options

In the main Notification emails window, there is a search engine with two search fields: ID equals and Subject contains, which can be used for finding the notification emails you want to edit or check. Next to them are the buttons Search (to start the search) and Clear (to clear the search filters created).

At the bottom is the results area, where the information is organized into six columns: ID, Type of email, Language (shows a flag referring to the language of the email), Subject (shows the subject line of the email), Created on (creation date), Updated on (Date when the message was modified for the last time).

Next to the emails there are two additional action buttons: View and Edit.

  • View: displays additional information to that shown in the columns of the results area and is divided into three tabs: View notification email, Edit notification email and Log.

1. View notification email: displays information about the notification email, such as the HTML.

2. Edit notification email: where you can edit the content and layout of the notification email.

3. Log: displays a log of the actions relating to this notification email.

  • Edit: takes you directly to the Edit notification email tab where you can change the content of the desired notification email.

Editing a notification email

Let's edit a notification email, for example, the Subscription Confirmation message. To do this, go to Settings>>Notification emails, locate the email you want to modify and click Edit.

This will take you to the editing area (Edit notification email), where you can change the Subject of the email in Subject, as well as change the body of the message in the HTML area. The easiest way to edit it is to change the content of the email using the online editor, as you can do it visual and intuitively.

But you can also edit it in HTML mode, you just have to click on the HTML Source button to access the editable HTML code of the email.

When you have finished editing it, you should save the changes by clicking on

Update notification email or, if you've made a mistake, you can restore the default email by clicking on Restore original email.

IMPORTANT: Don't change the links, as this could affect the way the notification emails work.

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