Adding a sender and confirming it

Adding a sender and confirming it


Step 1: Adding a sender

Adding a sender and confirming it

To add a sender, you just have to go to your Mailrelay account, in the campaigns -> senders menu.

You can click on Add to create a new sender.

You can find different fields.

  • Name: Name to identify the sender. It is a name that only appears in the Mailrelay account.
  • From name: Name of the sender, what customers will see when they receive the newsletter
  • Email: The sending email

Once we have all the fields added, we just have to click on create sender and we will have it added.

Step 2: Confirm a sender

Once the sender has been added, it is necessary to confirm it in order for it to be added correctly.

To confirm it, you receive an email from Mailrelay to that sender, with a link to confirm it.

It is necessary to click on the link to confirm the sender.

The different fields are explained:

  • ID: It is the sender's identifier, it is a unique number by system default.
  • Name: The name that we have added from the sender previously.
  • From Name: The name we have added of the sender above.
  • Email: The sender's email.
  • Confirmed: It is the status of the sender, whether it is confirmed or not.
  • Created at: The day and time the sender was created.
  • Update at: The day and time the sender was modified.

  • Default: If the sender has been added by default or not. This is useful because the sender by default is the one that appears first when creating the newsletters.

And the columns:

  • Show sender: The different fields of the sender will appear
  • Edit sender: To modify the sender fields. Here you can click on the default checkbox to activate it.
  • Log: To see all the changes made to the sender
  • Send confirmation email: If you don't receive the confirmation email, in this button you can request that it be sent again.

Once confirmed, YES will appear in the Confirmed field.

Step 3: Domain confirmations

If you want to add many senders from the same domain, so you don't have to confirm one by one, you can confirm the domain by clicking on domain confirmation.

You can add the domain you want to confirm and the DNS entry you have to create to configure it will appear.

You only have to add the DNS entry in your domain and if it is correct, clicking on Confirm domain will appear as confirmed.

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