How to create and use groups

How to create and use groups

To create groups and manage them according to your needs, click on Subscribers>>Groups, where you will see all the groups you have created and the different actions you can perform on this screen.


Create a group

Click on the +Add button and a new window will be displayed in which you can create the group.

To do this, simply enter the desired name for the group in the Name field, enter a short description in Description and click on Create group to create it. Try to be as descriptive as possible in the description you add, because when you have accumulated many groups, this information will be vital for the correct management of your email lists.

After this, a confirmation window will appear showing the details of the group you have just created.

Editing a group

Once you have created a group, you will be able to modify it. To do so, click on the Edit button (green pencil) and access the screen to edit the group. Here you can change the data in the Name field and the description in Description.

After that, just click on Update Group to save the changes. Once you do that, a confirmation window will be displayed showing the new details of the group you just updated. If you wish, you can also delete the group by clicking Delete in the top right corner.

Managing groups

The main window of the Subscribers>>Groups option allows you to manage/administer the different subscriber groups you have created.

The upper part, search area, has only one search condition where you can enter the name of the group to be searched (Name contains) and the button to start the search (Search), as well as the option to clear the content written in the search conditional (Clear).

Below, we find the +Add button, which simply allows us to add a new group to the existing ones. We can also see the Export to CSV button, for exporting the existing data in the results area.

The Export to CSV option offers several settings, such as Add header to file (to identify the columns on the exported document), as well as settings to define the fields that you want to include in the file, (Select all, ID, Name, Number of subscribers, Created on and Updated on).

The central area or results zone displays the data in five columns (ID, Name, Number of subscribers, Created on and Updated on).

Each result displayed has three action buttons (View, Edit and Delete).

Breakdown of the action buttons:

  •  View: where you can view and perform advanced actions on the group, such as adding more subscribers. Here the information is grouped into five tabs: Show group, Edit group, Log (it shows a log of the changes), Subscribers in group (shows the contacts that are in the group), and Import (which allows you to paste email lists and add them to the group).
  •  Edit: it allows you to change the name and description of the group.
  •  Delete: it will delete the group. Como criar e gerenciar grupos de assinantes

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