General settings

General settings

In Settings>>General Settings, you can configure general and important aspects of your account, such as your time zone, billing data, indicating a default reply email for your campaigns, etc.


The interface is divided into three blocks, each of which is located behind a tab. These tabs are: Account Settings, Billing Information and Campaign settings.

Account settings

In this area, you can manage the general account settings, which is done in the Account Settings tab. There you will find different options for configuring the account: Time zone, Name, Company, Email, Telephone, Address, Postcode, City, State and Country (drop down field).

Of these options, the most important one is Time Zone, which allows you to set the time zone in which the account will be operating. It is vitally important that the account is configured in your time zone, so that the scheduled messages are sent at the correct time. When you have finished the changes, click Save to save the settings.

Billing information

In this tab, you have access to the billing information and can modify it if necessary. All this information will be editable, except for the Company name and Tax document fields.

To change these fields, you need to contact our support department. The fields offered are as follows: Company name, Tax document, Name (name of the person formalizing the contract) Email, Mobile phone, Address, Postal code, City, State and Country (drop-down field).

Once the data has been filled in, simply click Save to save the changes.

Campaign settings

Finally, the Campaign settings tab allows you to define an email address to receive the responses generated by your campaigns: Default reply email.

You can enter an email address in this field if you want to use this option and then click Save for the change to take effect.

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