How to change your login credentials

How to change login credentials

It is particularly interesting to check that the users registered on the system have the correct configuration and to change their login credentials regularly to increase security.

To do this, go to Settings>>Users and you will see a window in which you can check all the users who currently have permissions to use the account, along with their details: 

  • ID: the unique identifier generated by the system.
  • Name: name assigned to the user
  • Email: the user's email address
  • Role: the permissions assigned to the user
  • Blocked: to prevent its use or not
  • Created on: The date the user was created
  • Show button: which takes us to the user's detailed information
  • Edit button: to change the user's information.
  • Delete button: to delete a user
  • Lock/Unlock button: as the name suggests, this button is used to block or prevent a user from accessing the account.

To change a user's password, click on the Edit button and enter the new password under Password and then confirm the password under Password confirmation.

If you wish, you can modify the other user's settings and, when you are done, click on the Update user button and the changes will be saved.

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