In the Users option, you can manage the users authorized to use the account, add or revoke permissions, change passwords and, in general, manage the assignments of the different people authorized to use the account.

The top search area offers a total of three search modifiers: ID, Name contains and Email contains. You can search using the Search button, while the Clear button removes all characters entered in the fields.

The +Add button, as its name suggests, is used to add new users to the account. After you click on it, the system will display a series of fields that must be filled in to create a new user:

  • Name , the name of the new user
  • Email , the new user's email address
  • Password , a password must be created manually (which must be sent to the new user).
  • Password confirmation, here you must repeat the password entered in the Password field to check that it is the same; without it you can't continue the registration process for the new user.
  • Role, a place that shows a drop-down menu in which you must select one of the roles or profiles previously created in Settings>>Roles.
  • Number of records per page, used to configure how many records per page will be shown to the user (10, 20, 30, 50 or 100) in the different result areas of the system interface.
  • Periodicity of report sending: used to define the time elapsed from the moment a campaign is sent until the report is sent.

This can be configured by checking the box for one of the following periodicities: After it has finished, 1 hour, 2 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours.

Once all this has been set, simply click on Create User and the user will be created.

In the area immediately below is the results area, where the information is organized into six columns and, just to the right, there are the four additional action buttons:

The columns are:

  • ID, unique identifier that the system assigns to each user.
  • Name, the user's name
  • Email, the user's email address
  • Role, shows the profile to which the user belongs, the profile that has been assigned to the user among those existing in Settings>>Roles
  • Blocked, indicates whether the user is blocked or not.
  • Created on, column showing the date the user was created.

The four action buttons offer the following options:

  • Show: shows the selected user's information and organizes the information into three tabs: View user, where you can see a summary of the user's data; Edit user, where you can edit the user's data; and Log, where you can view a record of the user's activity.
  • Edit: allows you to view and modify the user's information.
  • Delete: deletes the selected user.
  • Block, it will block the user (unable to access the account) or unblocked (allows the user to access and manage the account).

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